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Hello and a big welcome to all enthusiasts of cave diving, unforgettable travels and adventures!

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to visit the fascinating underwater caves of Southern China. Take a trip to the most beautiful places our planet has to offer and experience new and exciting cultures! Get ready for an unforgettable experience as you embark on a voyage of a lifetime! Our trips are personalized and exclusive. This means that we don't take hackneyed routes where organizers lead groups of tourists like a conveyor belt. Every trip is unique for you and for us!
About the caves
  • The cave systems of Southern China are unique in all aspects. They are perforating a huge mountain landscape called The South China Karst. This geological formation covers an area of more than 500 thousand square kilometers. A significant part of the unique landscape of the South China Karstwas, deservedly, selected by UNESCO as a World Heritage site in 2007. Untouched majestic nature, tremendous dry and underwater cave systems, mountain plateaus, rock formations, springs, rivers and lakes, exotic flora and fauna: all of this makes China the new Mecca for cave diving trips and expeditions.
  • Cave diving, and in general the study of cave systems, is still in its infancy in China. This means that most caves have not even been discovered yet. The area where these caves may be, is immense. Just think about it - 500 thousand square kilometers of karst landscape. Just imagine: hundreds of caves, all different and most are absolutely virgin. Nobody has ever set foot in them.The variety of these caves alone is impressive.From small, shallow systems, to giant tunnels, halls and bottomless dips. The study of these caves have led to the discovery of new endemic species of animals, specifically freshwater jellyfish, in one of the caves of Duan. And apart from being naturally fascinating, many caves house artifacts (some yet to be discovered) from China’s past. For example, the BBC produced a film about the artifacts of the Green Skull Cave.
The underwater caves of the South China Karst
can be classified into 3 groups:
Caves that have almost been completely explored
In these caves we can find already-installed gold-lines, jumps and arrows. There are descriptions and maps. There are not so many of these caves, but they are there. Usually they are shallow and the visibility inside is good. The difficulty level is easy: Intro 2 Cave (or equivalent) and higher.
Caves that have not been completely explored
In these caves there is a first line, but there are also unexplored halls and corridors. Of all the caves in which current exploration is conducted, they are in the majority. The difficulty level is middle: Intro 2 Cave (or equivalent) and higher.
New cave systems in which exploration has just begun
The number of these caves is great, but the exact amount and conditions of diving are unknown. Here, a new and mysterious world is waiting for you. A real "Terra incognita" of cave diving. The difficulty level is high: Full Cave (or equivalent) or Expedition Cave Diving.
For every level of certification, there are caves suitable for you! Of course, we offer a full range of cave diving courses from the very basics to the cave diving expeditionary level. We can say with confidence: China is the future of cave diving! No more, no less!
About the diving center PRODIVING
Diving center PRODIVING has existed for 14 years. Since 2014, the base of the dive center has been in Guangzhou city. EvgenySpiridonov and his team manage the dive center and have a rich experience in the cave diving. The geography of their dives is not limited to China. There are all circumstances for service and mending of any equipment in the diving center. Almost any equipment is available for rent (see the list).
The park of cylinders includes both aluminum and steel cylinders of different volumes and shapes including aluminum twin-tanks, steel concave-shaped twin-tanks, and cylinders for sidemount. There are two compressors, the stationary compressor and compressor for trips. If it is necessary, the stationary compressor can also be taken to the trip. It is possible to fill tanks with trimix, nitrox and oxygen. In the dive center there is a pool for checking and adjusting the equipment. The material base of the dive center is constantly increasing.
Maxim Vasiljev
TDI/SDI Instructor Trainer, TDI Full Cave Instructor, Rebreather Instructor etc.
I have been diving for more than 20 years and my experience is approximately 4500 dives. At least 90% of these dives were deep technical and cave dives. In addition, I am a developer of equipment for diving, such as rebreathers ("Hyperion"), scooters, underwater lights and other. I have done many dives into new unexplored caves and made their research and cartography. At the moment the main area of my cave diving activity are Chinese caves. I'm sure this is a future of cave diving.
Evgeny Spiridonov
TDI Full Cave, ANDI Gas Blender, TSD, PADI MSDT
Evgeny Spiridonov has been diving for 39 years and has a lot of experience in landscape and cave diving. He is keen on cave diving more then 10 years. Geography of cave dives: Russia, France, Italy, the Philippines, Thailand, China. In China, Evgeny is engaged in exploration and cartography of underwater caves and has at least 500 recorded cave dives. All known cave systems of China are familiar to him.
Alexander Kulikov
IANTD Trimix Diver, Trimix Gas Blender, TDI Full Cave
Alexander Kulikov has been diving for 12 years and has a lot of experience in deep landscape and cave diving. He is keen on cave diving for a long time. Never misses the opportunity to dive into a new or already familiar cave. Geography of cave dives: Crimea, Egypt, China. From the beginning of 2018, he is engaged only in cave diving in China. He knows the cave systems of Yangshan, Meizhou, Nanning, Wuming.
Mariya Litunova
IANTD Deep Diver, TDI Full Cave
Mariya Litunova has been diving for almost 5 years and has an experience in deep landscape and cave diving. She is fond of cave diving for 2 years and engaged in photography including underwater photography. Geography of cave dives: Egypt, China. From the beginning of 2018, she is engaged in cave diving in China. She knows the cave systems of Yangshan, Meizhou, Nanning, Wuming.
Guide services </br> You will be accompanied by people thoroughly familiar with the caves in which you will dive
Trips to local attractions in your spare time
Mending almost any diving equipment, if possible
Equipment for rent or testing
Services and leisure
Diving center PRODIVING offers a full range of services to make your visit to China as comfortable as possible.
Sale of equipment and assistance in purchasing equipment and materials for diving
Transfer from the airport and back
Accommodation in a hotel in comfortable suites
Full range of cave diving courses (it is necessary to book the course in advance)
Assistance in purchasing various souvenirs
And more features...
About us
We offer to visit China and make a series of dives in China's caves as a member of an organized group. We speak German, Russian and English, so there will be no problems with communication. Maxim Vasiljev - Instructor Trainer TDI / SDI with a great experience of cave expeditions. Alpha Divers founder and developer of various diving equipment. You can easily and quickly get the price list by email.
The equipment list for rent or purchase:
  • Cylinders for diving (aluminum stages, sidemount cylinders, twin-tanks)
  • BCD and backplates
  • Regulators (for sidemount, stages, and twin-tank sets)
  • Masks and fins
  • Diving light (primary, backup, video)
  • Sonars for cave cartography
  • Dive computers and compasses
  • Reels and Spools
  • Arrows, cookies, snaps
  • Reagents for rebreathers
  • Lead weights
We can help you with everything regarding the trip:
  • 1. Chinese visa and health insurance
  • 2. Round-trip tickets
  • 3. Transfer from the airport, to the diving center and back
  • 4. Reservation of cylinders and necessary equipment for the group
  • 5. Guide service
  • 6. Any questions related to the trip
  • 7. Any cave diving courses
  • Maxim Vasiljev
  • T. +49 176 56 900 900
  • (Mo-Fr. 9-18.00)
  • Scuba-Tec
  • Manager: Maxim Vasiljev
  • Reimser Str. 68
  • 52074 Aachen
  • Germany
  • Mail: maxim@mineworks.de
  • USt – ID Nr. DE250713838
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